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We Gave it a Try For You!

Raddish Kids - A Cooking Club for Kids

Feeding kids something new and different, has been a challenge for EVERY parent for centuries. At least that’s what I tell myself ;) My kids aren’t the pickiest eaters that I’ve run across, but it can be hard to get them to take a bite of something “strange” on their plates. And when we eat at a restaurant, we have to order the staple - Mac and Cheese, to make sure we aren’t throwing money out the window.

Let me introduce you to Raddish Kids!

I’ll admit, I was hesitant at first. Would they eat it? Would they try it?! And would they like it?

The kids were excited about the opportunity to dive right in and discover what was inside the box! Such a wonderful treat to discover recipe directions with pictures that the kids could easily follow, along with kid-friendly explanations about how to properly use kitchen appliances and tools. The box also came with a grocery list for parents, rubber spatula, fun badge and some game suggestions for the whole family to enjoy together.

The box came with three different items to make; main meal, side and desert, and cooking them was a cinch! I’m not gonna lie, the girls were apprehensive about making something that they’ve never tried before. And the idea of eating it after, didn’t appeal to them either. Thankfully, after we began gathering and mixing up each of the ingredients, the excitement began to grow, especially with the idea that they could customize their dinner which made it even more enticing!

Dinner that night - was amazing! The girls not only tried the food, BUT they ate everything on their plates!

I have to give it up to Raddish Kids, the kids learned how to prepare a meal by reading instructions, became familiar with kitchen utensils and I was more comfortable with them helping in the kitchen with cutting etc. And they were open minded about trying something that we haven’t had in the past and enjoyed it!

Would we try a subscription with Raddish Kids again? Absolutely!

Try your own Raddish Kids subscription and give your kids the gift of learning how to cook healthy, fun meals that everyone will enjoy!

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*As a note, we are a vegetarian family and had to make some minor modifications to a few of the recipes to fit within our diet. It was an easy change, and didn’t alter the final taste. The meal was still really delicious and enjoyed by all in the family!

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