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They've accomplished so much and made it so far! Celebrate them!

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Be You! Always

Stories by Peter Reynolds are inspirational and teachable. They instill hope, love, inclusion, acceptance and understanding. Be You! is a wonderful story that reminds readers to be who they are - kind, different, funny, creative - and to be themselves no matter what. Makes for a wonderful story for teachers to sign and gift to your graduate. A treasured gift for years.



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Give them Wings to Travel

Sophisticated. Stylish. Lightweight. Easy to maneuver. Secure. These are some of the amazing qualities of Travelpro luggage. From suitcases, carry on bags, backpacks and more. Send them into the world with luggage that will last them for years and will help get them to where they need to be in style.




Journey of Kindness

Travel together with these sweet friends learning about who they are and what matters most - kindness. Charlie Mackesy's thought provoking story and artistic illustrations is wonderful for all ages as they travel through life.



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Arm Candy by T

Team Spirit

We've got spirit! Yes we do! Give them extra spirit with their own arm candy from Arm Candy Bracelets by T



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A Note They will Never Forget

Send them off with a note that they will never forget with their very own engraved wallet card from MomAndThreeToo. Custom keepsake that they will cherish and remind them how proud you are of them.



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Erin Condren

Look to the Future

Customizable, pretty and functional, these Vision and Gratefulness journals by Erin Condren make the perfect gift for any graduate you may know. From planning out the week, to jotting down little notes or affirmations. It's a gift that will be used daily.



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The World is in Their Hands

They are going to change the world! Remind them of their courage and that the whole world is out there for them. Custom art from The Modish Home is a beautiful reminder of what their future holds.



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Learning Never Ends

Life is an education! Give the gift of continued learning and inspiration with MasterClass. Online classes from the experts. Learn from top chefs, small business start ups, gardeners and even astronauts. It's fun and a great gift for anyone, no matter where they are in life's greatest adventure.



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Star Registration

Eyes to the Sky

Nothing is more thoughtful than putting someone's name in the sky forever. Name your star or constellation with Star Registration. Complete with a certificate, map and registry it will be a gift cherished and remembered forever. 



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Snuggles from Afar

Don't let them leave home without their best friend! Send them off with their very own pet pillow so they can still snuggle with their furry friend from afar. Custom made with love by aurespaces.



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Easily find the best gift that they'll love!

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