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Our Favorite Advent Calendars

The Holidays are Coming! The Holidays are Coming!

Can you believe that hot cocoa, sugar cookies, caroling and gift giving are right around the corner!

We actually just set up both of our Christmas trees the other day! I know, super early for most, but it’s a tradition in our family.

Why two trees you ask? Well, one of them we use as an Advent calendar. Years ago, I created canvas bags with holiday designs and numbers in a fun way to count down to Christmas. The bags are stuffed with little trinkets like stickers, coins, fun pens or other small treats that they get excited for!

For those of you who are looking for easier ways to celebrate Advent, there are many great calendar options out there! Some are already fully assembled and all you have to do is set it out on a table, and others are ready for you to fill with little gifts of your choice! Here are a few of our favorites:

<Note: some items may have affiliate links.>

Featuring a daily countdown marked by 25 easy-to-do, self-reflective activities that the whole family will enjoy - $25

Piece together a special holiday puzzle one piece at a time - $20

A pooch favorite with daily treats to count down to the holidays - $51

Counting down with delicious chocolate - $40

Filled with art products and tools for creative inspiration - $34

Building with friends is fun for everyone - $24

Filled with accessories that any trend-setter would be excited about - $98

Surprise stickers that bring a little bit of joy - $25

Lip smacking fun flavors - $10

Customizable wall hanging that you can fill with goodies galore for your kiddos - $89

Carved wooden book that lights up with LED lights and drawers to fill with special treats - $48

Nostalgia in artwork with colorful illustrations from Susannah Garrod - $20

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