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Ages 5-9:

Ages 5-9
osmo math.jpeg


Engaging Learning

From drawing, to coding, science and more, Osmo is a wonderful introduction to interactive learning. With complete kits, individual games and more for children 3 to 10+ these will be utilized for years while your child grows with their learning tools.



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USA Toyz

LED Racers

Vibrantly-colored race track with glow in the dark cars by USA Toyz is tons of fun watching the cars race over the lighted tracks. The tracks easily snap together and allow kids to develop dexterity while working on STEAM skills.



garmin 3b.jpeg

Run! Run! Run!!

Let them run wild and keep track of their steps to earn goals with the Garmin jr digital watch. For every 60 minutes of activity, they earn points to learn fun facts about animals around the world. Also great for setting goals, and daily chore reminders. Wearable 24 hours a day and can even be worn in the water.



puro girl.jpg

Puro Sound Lab

Wireless Volume Controll

Wireless headphone technology designed to be safer for kids protecting eardrums from damage. The Puro Sound Labs headphones provide the finest genuine studio sound with a built-in microphone, great for online learning. Pairs easily with compatible devices with a 30-foot range allows free movement and 20+ hours of battery life. 



circut scribe.jpg

Circuit Scribe

Sparking Curiosity

The Circuit Scribe basic kit introduces electrical engineering with all of the necessary materials to get her started. Explore basic circuit concepts like conductivity and work up to creating two kinds of blinking circuits using both the blinker circuit module and hand-drawn momentary switches.



Ages 10-14:



Keep Them Active

The Garmin VivoFit jr watch is a step above all other kids watches. With activity goals and rewards for chores, this version also offers digital smartphone compatibility to keep your kids safe. Waterproof and wearable for 24 hours a day.



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Easy Flyer

​​​Easy flight with endless possibilities. The light up LED SNAPTAIN mini drone comes with three different remotes to control any way you wish. With three speed levels for more flight possibilities, and one key operation it makes it easier for all flyers, and is perfect for kids. 





Super Fun Coding

Coding is fun with BitsBox. Give them the gift to develop a new language skill (coding) and grow their math and reading development with their very computer programming subscription box. Great for ages 6-12.





Video Gaming Above and Beyond

Video gaming has evolved a lot over the years, but PlayStation has perfected it. From ultra realistic scenes and sports games to fun cheeky games like our favorite Sackboy collecting coins while jumping through fluffy pillows of grass and fighting off spinning monsters with friends. Entertaining and fun for all.



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Snap Circuits

STEAM for the Curious

Snap Circuits will "connect you" with hours of building and educational fun. The kits are complete with multiple colorful electronic components allowing imagineers to build over 100's of projects. Turn on lights, launch a spinning fan, sound off alarms, there's so much to do and learn! Kids will learn and understand the basics of electrical engineering with the full color and easy to follow project guide.



Ages 15-18:

Ages 15-18
ear bud case.jpg

Erin Condren

Listen Up

AirPod cases don't have to be boring. Gift them something fun with their own Erin Condren mid century colorful cases. Equipped with a handy clasp to help minimize them being misplaced.



Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 10.59.03


Pro Earbuds

The best fit, noise canceling, adaptive ear pods by Apple. And with audio streaming they can play a game, watch a movie, or listen to a song with a friend. The AirPods Pro are top of the line and will be the coveted gift of the year.



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