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Discover Monthly Readers

Discover a world of books with this unique monthly subscription by Literati. A book club for every reader and every age group. Curate each box based on age, interest and more. Receive 5 books with every delivery and pay for those that you want to keep. Great for babies and young adults. It's a wonderful way to spark imagination and a love of reading!

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Building for Every Age

From age 1-99, LEGO encourages everyone to build! Creative fun from the novice to the expert, they have kits to let your creator enjoy hours of fun.



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If They Build it, They Will Play

Magna-Tiles gives kids endless possibilities for creative play and imaginative fun. They will never be bored with creating whatever they can dream up with all of the colorful shapes.



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Back to the Roots

Grow it Yourself

Back to the Roots is reconnecting people back to where their food comes from - no green thumb or backyard needed. The company donates kits to schools to help spread nutrition education throughout the community. 

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Boys ages 5-9:

Boys 5-9

Journey of Kindness

Travel together with these sweet friends learning about who they are and what matters most - kindness. Charlie Mackesy's thought provoking story and artistic illustrations is wonderful for all ages as they travel through life.




Spooner Boards

Balancing for Greatness

Help develop balance, coordination and really cool skills that they can use when they are older and at the skate park, surfing or snowboarding. Spooner Boards are almost indestructible and can be used indoors or outside.





Can they Balance it All

How steady are their hands and nerves? Suspend challenges them to keep everything in balance even when adding every new bar. The difficulty changes each time the mid-air sculpture transforms. The game can be played alone or with up to 4 players.



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Puro Sound Lab

Wireless Volume Controll

Wireless headphone technology designed to be safer for kids protecting eardrums from damage. The Puro Sound Labs headphones provide the finest genuine studio sound with a built-in microphone, great for online learning. Pairs easily with compatible devices with a 30-foot range allows free movement and 20+ hours of battery life. 



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Run! Run! Run!!

Let them run wild and keep track of their steps to earn goals with the Garmin jr digital watch. For every 60 minutes of activity, they earn points to learn fun facts about animals around the world. Also great for setting goals, and daily chore reminders. Wearable 24 hours a day and can even be worn in the water.



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USA Toyz

LED Racers

Vibrantly-colored race track with glow in the dark cars by USA Toyz is tons of fun watching the cars race over the lighted tracks. The tracks easily snap together and allow kids to develop dexterity while working on STEAM skills.



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Exceptional Men

Overcoming Adversity

Penguin Books introduces little readers to trailblazing men, from writers to inventors, athletes to politicians. These notable leaders have changed the world, all because they were talented, clever, and above all, determined.



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Build Magic

Harry Potter and LEGO fans, rejoice! Now you can build your very own Quidditch game field at home. Complete with 6 characters, goalposts, towers and more, this 500 piece set will not dissapoint.



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Trucks, Trucks and More Trucks!

Do they love trucks? I mean REALLY love trucks?! These are the most realistic, heavy duty, made to last play trucks he'll ever play with! Make your little truck lover happy with his very own Bruder.



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National Geographic

Dig into It

Dinosaurs! National Geographic is the ultimate in STEAM learning. The Dino Fossil Dig Kit is a thrilling hands-on adventure where your child will experience what it’s like to be a real paleontologist as they excavate a T-Rex tooth replica, molded from a real fossil.





Beginning Boards

This specially designed skateboard is shorter and lighter than other boards and made specifically for kids ages 5-15 It's the perfect starter board. The Magneto Kids Skateboard comes fully assembled so they can go skating right away!



Boys ages 10-14:

Boys age 10-14
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Get in the Game - with a Board

Board games have always been a fun activity for families and Hasbro has the classics that never get old! Risk, Life, Monopoly, Scrabble, all of these and more help kids with problem solving, reasoning and communication skills. Plus, it's a lot of fun! 



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Easy Flyer

​​​Easy flight with endless possibilities. The light up LED SNAPTAIN mini drone comes with three different remotes to control any way you wish. With three speed levels for more flight possibilities, and one key operation it makes it easier for all flyers, and is perfect for kids. 



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Snap Circuits

STEAM for the Curious

Snap Circuits will "connect you" with hours of building and educational fun. The kits are complete with multiple colorful electronic components allowing imagineers to build over 100's of projects. Turn on lights, launch a spinning fan, sound off alarms, there's so much to do and learn! Kids will learn and understand the basics of electrical engineering with the full color and easy to follow project guide.



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Spike Ball

More fun than Vollyball

It'll be their new favorite sport! Presented on Shark Tank, Spike Ball is the hottest outdoor game where players compete to get the other person out. Join a community league or start your own family friendly tournament. You won't want to stop playing!



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Land of Stories

It's a Whole New World

Travel to a new world of fantasy, like you've never imagined before. The Land of Stories series pulls the reader into the realm of fairytales where twins, Alex and Connor solve problems to escape villains and save the world. It's hard to put down these books and it's a great series to read together as a family.





Video Gaming Above and Beyond

Video gaming has evolved a lot over the years, but PlayStation has perfected it. From ultra realistic scenes and sports games to fun cheeky games like our favorite Sackboy collecting coins while jumping through fluffy pillows of grass and fighting off spinning monsters with friends. Entertaining and fun for all.



Boys ages 15-18:

Boys age 15-18
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Pro Earbuds

The best fit, noise canceling, adaptive ear pods by Apple. And with audio streaming they can play a game, watch a movie, or listen to a song with a friend. The AirPods Pro are top of the line and will be the coveted gift of the year.



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Vinyl Moon

Music Discovery

One of the coolest and most unique gifts around! Vinyl Moon records are an experience that any cool dudes and dudets will grove to. Each record is a carefully curated compilation of music and is with paired with one-of-a-kind vinyl and cover artwork. Purchase a single record or sign up for a monthly subscription of greatness.



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Cruising in Style

If they are looking to easily and smoothly cruise, the Hana Pintail longboard by Magneto is the ultimate stylish cruiser. At 42", the classic pintail shape of this board makes it ideal for cruising around town in style. The deck is an 8 layer laminate with a hard maple core and a beautifully stained striped bamboo top and bottom.



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