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Creativity has no bounds

Ages 5-9:

Ages 5-9
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Coloring with Fun

Let them color their critters over and over and over again with the Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Pets. It's so much fun to watch their creativity come alive. Each playset comes with a set of pets, washable markers, bathtub and brush so they can color, wash and color some more.



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Building Creativity

Let them decorate their world with LEGO dots. Kids can create over and over, extending the play options. The colorful tiles are great to create with for new, imaginative fun and can be used with other LEGOs.​



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Doodle Crate

Open the door to creative expression with KiwiCo. Doodle Crate. Full of DYI crafting ideas and supplies to foster creativity.



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Premium Colors

Writing has never been more satisfying and trouble-free as it is with Arteza's gel pens. You'll find every color imaginable to make illustrating, coloring, writing, and doodling so much fun. These gel pens are made from high quality, smudge free ink.



Ages 10-14:

Ages 10-14

Sur La Table

Kids in the Kitchen

Gift your sweetie something you can both enjoy together with cooking and baking classes at Sur La Table. Check out their fun Kitchen Fun for the Kids classes and bake up some sweet cupcakes and more! It's an experience that everyone will enjoy!



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Fancy Notes

Gone are the days of nicely hand written notes. Teach them how to make basic handwriting more decorative with the Creative Lettering Kit by Faber-Castell. The kit includes all of the necessary materials for fancy writing along with an illustrated design guide.



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Crafting Cute

Kawaii Cuties

Modeling clay has never been so cute! Create fun characters with Crafting Cute. The book has easy step by step instructions to make your very own cute Kawaii cuties. A fun activity that keeps kiddos busy and imaginations running for hours.



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Creativity Times 1,000

Amp up her creative juices with a Cricuit machine. From crafts made from paper, vinyl, fabric and more, the possibilities are endless.





Smart Girls RULE

Celebrate Girl Power and learning with GoldieBlox STEAM activities and kits. We love how each of the products help build confidence, and encourages girls to follow their dreams.



Ages 15-18:

Ages 15-18
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3D Puzzles that Inspire

Creativity and inspiration all together in one box! Build unique music boxes, miniature houses, clocks, and other marvelous machines that move with Rolife wood craft kits. Makes a great gift for someone to work on independently, in a group, or as a family project.



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Erin Condren

Listen Up

AirPod cases don't have to be boring. Gift them something fun with their own Erin Condren mid century colorful cases. Equipped with a handy clasp to help minimize them being misplaced.



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Vinyl Moon

Music Discovery

One of the coolest and most unique gifts around! Vinyl Moon records are an experience that any cool dudes and dudets will grove to. Each record is a carefully curated compilation of music and is with paired with one-of-a-kind vinyl and cover artwork. Purchase a single record or sign up for a monthly subscription of greatness.



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Maker Crate

Whether they are a new or experienced crafter, each Maker Crate from KiwiCo. is designed to introduce new art and design tools to turn artistic visions into design realities. Learn fresh techniques and draw inspiration from real designs in a monthly box.



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